- Client will receive a Car-toon in the same angle as the photo supplied

- Ideal photo is of vehicle with front wheels turned a bit to add dimension.

- Client must indicate desired environment / surrounding for the vehicle to appear in
(beach, desert, mud, rocky, river, urban etc...)

- Certain features of your vehicle will be exaggerated to add character and dynamics. If you would prefer a straight forward 1:1 drawing of your vehicle, you must let us know in advance.

- If you are constantly modifying your Jeep, please send your most recent picture of the vehicle. Changes cannot be made after initial sketch is approved.

- Charge is per vehicle. If you would like two vehicles to appear in the same work, the fee is double.

The Process

1. An outline drawing is first sent for your approval. Any changes to the layout must be requested at this stage before moving forward with color.

7. I always exagerate certain features of the car, each customers car has a different character & I look for this.

It may happen that client wants a 1:1 of his car(no exageration), if this is the case, I must know at start.(Only happened once & it never looks as good)


If you want exclusive rights to the pic, add CHF100.-